Rethinking Our Classrooms

These quotes come from the text: Rethinking Our Classrooms – Teaching for Equity and Justice Vol. 1.

“The underlying theme in my classroom is that the quest for social justice is a never-ending struggle in our nation and world, that the vast majority of people have benefited from this struggle, that we must understand this struggle, and that we must make decisions about whether to be involved in it.” – Bob Peterson

“It is not the awareness of racial and cultural differences that leads to prejudice and racism, but how people respond to those differences.” – Rite Tenorio

“You have to get in touch with the fact that your current education has a cultural bias, and that it needs to be purged…you need to look at how the dominant culture and biases affect your view of non-dominant groups in society…you have to realize that what you recognize as universal, is quite often, exclusionary.” – Enid Lee

“”I know that I must also be willing to take risks and make mistakes.” – Rite Tenorio

“…need to prompt kids to celebrate the ordinary, the common daily events they take pleasure in.  I want to find ways to coax joy back into the room, especially when students feel down about the ways of the world.” – Linden Christensen

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