Rethinking Columbus

The following quotes have been taken from the text: Rethinking Columbus – The Next 500 Years

“The goal is not to titillate or stun, but to force the question: why wasn’t I told this before?” – Bill Bigelow

“‘Discovery’ represents the point of view of the supposed discoverers, it’s the invaders masking their theft.  And when the word gets repeated in textbooks, those textbooks become the propaganda of the winners.” – unknown

“read the word and the world.” – Paulo Freire

“But why focus on empires?  Why not focus on less hierarchical, more communal, more democratic societies?  Why should inequality and domination be the hallmarks of praiseworthy civilizations?” – Bill Bigelow

“Let’s allow ourselves and our students to be startled at how very differently other people live and understand the world.” – Bill Bigelow

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