Loudmouth George and the New Neighbors by Nancy Carlson

Best5304113selling author-illustrator Nancy Carlson has gained an international audience for her vibrantly illustrated books about Harriet (a nervous golden retriever), Loudmouth George (a very self-assured rabbit), and the indomitable Louanne Pig.

One reader reviews this picture book by stating “Nancy Carlson has done an excellent job at both writing and illustrating this book about the how ugly prejudice towards other people is. Out of all of Nancy Carlson’s books, this book was the most effective in delivering a message about how ugly prejudice is as George dismissed his new next door neighbors because they were pigs and that was a powerful moment about how prejudice can blind your judgment of other people.”

Another reader states “While it’s important to teach children tolerance I found Loudmouth George’s behavior too self serving to the moral of the story. In the previous books from the series the plots aren’t so obvious, aiming instead for a subtle humor.  My daughter enjoyed the book more than I did although she didn’t ask for a re-read like she has with others in the series.”

Have you read Loudmouth George and the New Neighbors?

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