‘Simpsons’ Oscar-Nominated Short Takes A Swipe At Education System

img_4667726“The Longest Daycare” packs witty and topical swipes at the country’s education system into its four minutes and 30 seconds. The story sends Maggie, the Simpson family’s youngest child, to daycare, where she’s checked for lice, screened for weapons and sorted separately from the “gifted” students by a machine that admits its own fallibility (standardized tests, anyone?). While trapped in the “nothing special” section of the Ayn Rand School For Tots, Maggie risks it all to save a butterfly she found in a room full of paste-eaters with a “honest bunny” poster saying, “You have no future.”

See full story at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/19/the-longest-daycare-oscar_n_2718982.html?utm_hp_ref=los-angeles&ir=Los%20Angeles

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